My name is Taylor Ecker.


I am unapologetically uncensored.

I am a woman.

I am an artist.

I am here to speak my truths.

I am here to be vulnerable and share with you what goes on in my mind.

I could tell you things like:

At the age of eight, I received my first camera (Thanks, Pop). From a young age I wanted to turn my passion into a career. Throughout high school, I interned for the Philadelphia Phillies. Working with the Human Resources and Media departments. Following grade school I attended Antonelli Institute of Photography and Graphic Design, receiving an associates degree in Photography. Post graduation I interned for the digital media department at Camp Woodward.

But, that’s not why you’re here.

What is Taypac Photography?

TAYPAC is a published photography company based outside of Philadelphia.  I am here to capture the truth and beauty in every moment-with every beautiful being that steps in front of my camera.  In this day and age, anybody can be considered a photographer, but true artistry and professionalism is what TAYPAC is about.

I am here to create.

I am here to make YOU happy.

Although I'm from the East Coast, I am always willing to travel.

 I strive to stay true to myself and my artistry. In doing so, I want to  continue to not only push myself-but to spark inspiration in others.